Cheeky Monkeys Summer School Holiday Club


 Monday 24th July Cooking ClubToday we will be bakers, What shall we make? Bread or cakes…..
 Tuesday 25th July Messy DayDesign and create your own canvas and experiment with other messy play activities such as gloop and clean mud
 Wednesday 26th July Mini BeastsWe are going to look for mini beasts in our environment. We are going on a bug hunt, what will we see?
 Thursday 27th July Circus Training DayLet’s learn some circus skills. Can you walk on stilts, juggle a ball?
 Friday 28th July National Chocolate DayWhat a perfect way to finish the first week of the school holidays with chocolate, lots and lots….
 Monday 31st July World Ranger DayWorld Ranger Day offers a chance to support their vital work, which ranges from environmental campaigning to education.
 Tuesday 1st August  Parents DayLet’s create something nice for our parents to let them know how much we love them.
 Wednesday 2nd August Coloring Book DayLet’s get our pencils out what can we design.
 Thursday 3rd August Start of Harvest Let’s celebrate harvest. We could make vegetable soup and corn dolls.
 Friday 4th August Coast Guard’s DayWe are celebrating being an island. We can make a sea side and look at the rules of the beach.
 Monday 7th AugustRaksha Bandan Day – “Raksha Bandan” means “a thread for protection”.  Sisters tie a thread bracelet around their brothers’ wrists, and receive gifts in return We can make friendship bracelets and other gifts for our friends.
 Tuesday 8th August Happiness DayLet’s talk about what make us happy let’s see if we can make some things which can make you happy?
 Wednesday 9th August Book Lovers DayLet’s enjoy a story together, we could even write a book of our own.
 Thursday 10th August Sky Scrapper Appreciation DayToday we are building skyscrapers, what can we build with, how high can we go?
 Friday 11th August Play In The Sand Day We can create sand art or make a sandcastle?
 Monday 14th August Cooking DayToday we will make afternoon tea. Scones and jam cakes and sandwiches to share with our friends before we go home. If the weathers good we can have a garden party.
 Tuesday 15th AugustMad Science DayToday we are going to become scientists…let’s make exploding explosions and chemicals and lots lots more
 Wednesday 16th August Airborne Services Day To celebrate our Airborne Armed Forces and the air ambulance. We could make a helicopter to see how high it fly’s.
 Thursday 17th August Sports Day Let’s enjoy a day of races, throwing, jumping who can win a medal.
 Friday 18th August Dinosaur DayHow many different kinds of dinosaurs can we make?
Monday 21st August Let’s Have A Beach PartyBring your swimming things will get the paddling pool out and have a man made beach, ice cream, buckets and spades and even Fish and chips for lunch.
 Tuesday 22nd August Poets DayToday we can create our own poems or maybe a limerick.
 Wednesday 23rd August Messy DayEver thought about being a fashion designer… Lets Tie Dye and design your own t-shirt to take home
 Thursday 24th August Vesuvius DayLet’s celebrate mount Vesuvius we can make volcanoes and lava and lots of big bangs.
 Friday 25th August Cooking Club What will we cook today? Will we be bakers or even cowboys making cowboy stew?  or cakes…yum
 Monday 28th August Bank HolidayCLOSED
 Tuesday 29th August Herbs DayCan you taste all the herbs, we have grown then make some herb play dough
 Wednesday 30th August Toasted Marshmallow Day Let’s make Turkish delight and enjoy marshmallows.
 Thursday 31st August Burger DayWe are going to make our own burger lunch we can make chicken burgers or beef burger with sweet potato fries and homemade ice cream for pudding.
 Friday 1st September Letter Writing Day Let’s make some paper. We can write a letter to someone who maybe a long way away.

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“They look forward to playing with their friends and all the opportunities they have to investigate and explore & the messier the better!”


“We are aware that there is a real drive to improve the services offered to the children & that has been very evident over the past year. The children really look forward to coming to the nursery.”


“They are looked after so well by the staff.”


“We know the children are happy, settled and cared for by staff who know them so very well.”


“Friendly staff, Flexible, Like the newsletter, Loved the boys xmas pressies!”