We provide exceptional care and education for your child

We understand that choosing the right childcare is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. 

The Cheeky Monkeys Team are here to offer support and guidance and answer all of your questions. We offer peace of mind for parents and a safe and secure environment for your children to flourish.

It would be an honour to have the opportunity to give your child the best start in life and be instrumental in encouraging a journey full of exploration, investigation, discovery and fun.

At Cheeky Monkeys, our number one priority is always the children in our care.  Safety is embedded throughout the nursery, and all our early years practitioners have a shared responsibility in keeping everyone who enters our nurseries safe and secure with a clear management structure.  The safety and well-being of the children is central to all that we do.

In the Baby Room

Your baby may already have a routine, which we follow in the nursery. A baby’s learning is built around sensory play which supports cognitive growth, language development, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills and social interaction.

Research has shown that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways making sense of the world around them by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, moving and hearing, this leads to more complex learning tasks.

Sensory activities facilitate exploration, investigation and create stronger connections to process and respond to sensory information.

Our staff provides a secure place for your baby to explore. They are highly trained to meet the needs of your baby.  They spend one to one time with each individual baby to develop secure attachments enabling self-confidence that stays with them for life. 

In the Toddler Room

Your toddler has a multitude of exciting learning opportunities, many of which they will encounter for the first time. Toddlers master many new skills through repetition, with careful guidance from our supportive and experienced team of early years practitioners.

Communication and language is much more than just talking – we lay the foundation for speech through a love of stories and the introduction and understanding of new words.

This is such an exciting time for your child as they begin to investigate, explore, forge friendships and develop their independence in a secure and supportive environment.

In the Nursery Room

Once a child is two years old they continue on a journey of imagination, creation, exploration, discovery and increasing independence. The Cheeky Monkeys Team provide opportunities where children can explore why and how things happen through cause and effect, whilst increasing their vocabulary.

Our highly trained staff support your child’s next steps, whilst celebrating the rapid progress and achievements they will make.

Friendships are strengthened and activities are based on the individual interests, needs, abilities and talents of the child.

In the Pre-school

With our exceptional education programme, the exciting pre-school room will light up your child’s passion for new interests and will spark their curiosity and develop their physical, emotional and communication skills.

We always aim to stimulate the child’s passion and curiosity for life-long learning. Your child will have the opportunity to explore world art and culture, experiment with science and test their ideas, allow their creativity to flow through art and design and explore different media and technology.

Your child will develop their social skills through mutual respect and patience and form meaningful relationships.

All of this will prepare your child for their next exciting step – school.