What our parents say

What our parents say…

As a leading Childcare Provider in Essex, we take what our parents say very seriously

As a leading Childcare Provider in Essex, we take what our parents say very seriously…

Amazing nursery and amazing management too, making sure the nursery runs smoothly, love the new refurb!

– Parent of William Harris Way

Cheeky Monkeys William Harris Way has an inspirational, incredible manager and all staff members. From day one on my son’s arrival up until this current day, it has been nothing but full of positive energy, developments, encouragement and support throughout for my child’s journey.

My child has built a close rapport and relationships with all his key skill workers. A family-friendly atmosphere generated with a high level of professionalism at all times from the amazing manager and the team.

We highly recommend Cheeky Monkey nursery to everyone who is looking for that little bit extra peace of mind when it comes to your child’s learning experience and further development. I would like to thank the manager and the management for all their hard work, hospitality and high level of professionalism given every day I drop my child off who loves this place a lot. Without you all and your support and encouragement, we wouldn’t be here as we are today. Thank you to the manager and team.

– Parent of William Harris Way

Brilliant Nursery with amazing staff. My son has attended this nursery for nearly 3 years and he loves it there. He has grown in himself and his confidence with the help of the staff. They are kind and caring and when my son needed a little extra support due to illness, food allergies etc they have always stepped up. They have challenged and helped him with learning and always made things fun.

I am very sad to be leaving however, he starts school and we can’t stay forever, otherwise, we would!

– Parent of William Harris Way

I honestly can not sing their praises enough. This nursery has helped me and my son more than they’ll ever know. My son was involved in a tragic incident a few years ago and since then has needed a lot of emotional/mental extra support. My son struggled to play with others and struggled to express his emotions.

Nursery staff went above and beyond to make sure my son’s extra needs were met. Not only did they help my son but they also helped me, as an extremely anxious mum. It’s only because of them that I can now leave him in the care of other professionals.

Cheeky Monkeys staff are absolutely amazing and pushed for support for my son until he received it, never gave up on us and I can’t thank them enough. As well as having fun there, they also taught my son months of the year, numbers, letters, different planets etc.

He also loved lunchtime there, it was always a nice, healthy variety throughout the week!

– Parent of William Harris Way

Cheeky Monkeys is amazing! My daughter was a very slow walker and they helped her every single day. She even took her first steps at nursery which was recorded and showed to me as soon as I got there and then uploaded to the app.

All the staff are very friendly and welcoming and my daughter settled

in very quickly. She looks forward to nursery everyday and very often calls the girls at home.

– Parent of William Harris Way

My daughter has loved being at Cheeky Monkeys. She has made some really good friends. The staff are always friendly and kind. They’ve always looked after my daughter really well. She has learnt so much at nursery and is ready for school because of this.

– Parent of The Essex

We have been so pleased with our son’s progress. He has good relationships with the staff and has developed great friendships with his peers. The staff are very flexible and happy to help with advice if needed. The nursery itself seems great. I’m excited to see what the future holds with the new ownership. Thank you to everyone, your all angels.

– Parent of The Essex

The staff are amazing. Little boy started at 5 months and took to all the staff really well. They welcomed him into their family from the start.

Kept me updated with everything and have been very flexible with sudden day changes due to work commitments. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

– Parent of The Essex

What a wonderful nursery! My kids love coming here, they always have such a wonderful time and take part in lots of activities. My eldest son loves getting picked up by the Cheeky Monkeys bus after school and really enjoys after school club. Highly recommended!

– Parent of The Essex

I have a little boy who is five and girl who is three and a baby which is one. Cheeky Monkeys is there whenever I need them and has been for years. They have done school runs for me, holiday clubs, day sessions and even looked after my older two when giving birth to my youngest. The staff are fab and the manager is amazing. I would recommend this nursery to anyone.

– Parent of The Essex

Our girl started at Cheeky Monkeys just over two years ago. She was our first and expectedly, we were very protective of her, especially as her words were few. Taking her to Cheeky Monkeys was one of our best decisions. They made her feel welcome, within weeks she was settled into the baby room without any issues. We got detailed written reports daily of her activities and also had access to Tapestry which was regularly updated. She was assigned a key person, based on observing who she bonded with the most, which we found very comforting. It was soon time to move to the toddler class. We were consulted beforehand and it was phased to avoid any shock. She was also moved alongside a few others that she’d been with within the baby class. Needless to say, the transition was seamless. At the toddler class, it was fun with a bit of learning. We had regular catchups with her key person to discuss her progress and give our input. Extremely pleased. We now have our second child, with no second thoughts.

– Parent of Cheeky Monkeys William Harris Way

My daughter first came here at 10 months old until she commenced school in September. She made some lovely friends and I loved watching her confidence grow and skills that have helped her so much in adapting to school life and being independent. We use the holiday club in the half term and she is also excited to see her friends and the staff.

– Parent of Cheeky Monkeys @ The Essex

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