Your Key Person...

When your child joins nursery, they’ll develop a very special bond with their ‘key person’.  This friendly face will be your child’s main carer; providing comfort, support and consistency on a daily basis.

The key person approach means your child is being cared for by someone who knows all about their unique, likes, interests and needs. This enhances your child’s development; providing them with a sense of security, and giving you confidence that your child’s emotional and physical needs are being met.

You’ll get to know your child’s key person well through face-to-face chats at pick-ups and drops offs, as well as at Parents Evenings throughout the year. You’re also more than likely to hear their name a lot at home, as your child starts chatting about all the fun they’ve been having at nursery!

Your Key Person

  • Provides consistency, familiarity and comfort for both you and your child
  • Gets to know all about your little one’s unique personality traits, interests and needs
  • Records your child’s learning milestones and plans their next steps, enhancing their learning
  • Keeps you updated on your child’s nap times and how much they’ve eaten during the day
  • Carries out your child’s intimate needs, such as putting to sleep, nappy changes and cuddles
  • Keeps your child’s Learning Journal updated with information and photos. A wonderful keep sake.